2018 Points and Year End Awards Rules

2018 Year End Qualification Requirement 

Download:  Welcome Year End Requirement

Barrel and Pleasure Riders: 

To qualify for any end of the year awards in Gymkhana or Pleasure you must:

  1. If you are thirteen (13) years or older on January 1 of this year, you must earn twelve (12) points total. Four (4) must be earned by attending meetings and the other eight (8) by attending work parties or working shows. As per the End of Year Qualification Requirements See Attached Addendum.
  2. If you are twelve (12) years or under on January 1 of this year, you must have a total of six (6) points which can be accrued either by attending meetings, work parties, working shows, or a combination of a I three. You may have three (3) work points total designated to you by anyone (member or non-member) working in your place. This designation must be made on the workers sheet by the designator prior to the start of the event. You may not receive more than three (3) designated points total for the year.
  3.  You must participate in a minimum of 50% of the shows of your selected discipline. Points from where you were eligible for daily highpoint in your selected division are the only points that will accumulate toward year end.

SECTION 2: Anyone who has worked more than 75% of functions will receive a participation award. Anyone who has attended 75% of the meetings will receive an attendance award.

Work Points Qualifications: The worker sign-up sheet has work points assigned to each positions. The following personnel will approve all work point: Arena Manager or Registration Personnel. If you do not sign in on the worker sign in sheet, you do not receive your work credit. Any point discrepancy has (60) days to be corrected. After (60) days, there will be no point modification. If you sign up to work a show/event and do not show up or call within (24) hours prior to the show/event, you will receive a verbal warning.A second offense will result in a one (1) point deduction for your work credit tally. If you work Am and a Pm position you qualify for 1 point.