4D JP Sunday Buckle Series Show Series Part 4 April 8th


4D JP Sunday Buckle Series 

***4D Jackpot $150/added***
***Whole Second Splits***
***Sunday Show 1 of 4***
***Buckle Series, must ride all 4 shows to be eligible for buckle(s)***
***Buckles for High Point only in Open 1-4D will be awarded***

*****Pee Wee, Youth and Poles are dependant on entries over length of series. Points will be tracked, but, buckles not guaranteed.*****

 Show 4 – April 8 th ——10 am Exhibitions and 12 pm show



$5 GROUNDS FEE each Rider

*$3 exhibitions

*2D Pee Wee (Youth 8yo & under) $10 entry- (this INCLUDES the $5/grounds fee) Ribbons awarded 1-6th place.

*4D JP $150/added $25/entry

(Youth can carry over their open time to alternate barrel class. If your Open run results in a downed barrel (DQ) & you wish to run the alternate class, you can do so at an Additional Entry fee)

*2D Youth (17yo & under) / $20 entry

*2D Poles / $20 entry

(7 rider minimum to run Youth, & Poles)

$5 GROUNDS FEE each Rider

***Spectators free***
***Please do not leave your horse(s) unattended***
***Please clean up after yourself and your horse*** 
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