February 18, 2018 -WVSC Show and Tell Educational Warm -Up Show


West Volusia Saddle Club

Show and Tell

Educational Warm-Up Show

Casual attire and fuzzy horses welcome!         No bling-no banding or braiding required!

$100.00 All day Fee includes Stall (first come first served basis)

$80.00 All Day Fee w/o Stall 

$12.00 per Class

 Grounds Fee $5.00

 Spectators Welcomed!

Lake Helen Equestrian Center

321 Pleasant Street, Lake Helen, Florida 32744

Registration: 8:00 AM                      Show Start Time: 9:00 AM


February 18, 2018                                      Jennifer Moshier, Judge/Clinician


Halter Classes: Start 9AM

    1. W/T Showmanship Jr
    2. W/T Showmanship Sr
    3. Novice Showmanship
    4. Gaited Showmanship
    5. Jr Showmanship
    6. Junior Western Horsemanship (pattern)
    7. W/T English Equitation Jr (pattern)
    8. W/T Hunter Under Saddle Sr
    9. W/T English Equitation Sr (pattern)
    10. Novice Hunter Under Saddle
    11. Novice English Equitation (pattern)
    12. Junior Hunter Under Saddle W/T/C
    13. Junior English Equitation (pattern)
    14. Senior Hunter Under Saddle W/T/C
    15. Senior English Equitation (pattern)
    16. Senior Hunter Under Saddle W/T/C
    17. Senior English Equitation (pattern)
    18. W/T Western Pleasure Jr.
    19. W/T Showmanship SR
    20. W/T Western Pleasure Jr.
    21. W/T Western Horsemanship Jr.  (pattern)
    22. W/T Western Pleasure Sr.
    23. W/T Western Horsemanship (pattern)
    24. Novice Western Pleasure
    25. Novice Western Horsemanship (pattern)
    26. Junior Western Pleasure
    27. Junior Western Horsemanship (pattern)
    28. Senior Western Pleasure
    29. Senior Western Horsemanship (pattern)
    30.  Ranch Pleasure (rail)
    31.  Ranch Horsemanship (pattern)
    32.  Ranch Riding (AQHA Individual pattern)         

WVSC Show and Tell Educational Feb 18th

Show Patterns for show 0218